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Interior AIDS Association

Blocks in this display: 0149, 0158, 1073, 1789

Blocks in this display: 3677, 4737, 5672, 5948

Blocks in this display: 0149, 0712, 1675, 4381

Blocks in this display: 4420, 4536, 4571, 5263

Blocks in this display: 1239, 1588, 2012, 2673

Blocks in this display: 3611, 3668, 3677, 5411

Display Host: University of Alaska Fairbanks - In 2012 and 2013, several blocks of the Quilt were on display at the University of Alaska Fairbanks as part of an exhibition. The panels making up those blocks commemorated the lives of Alaskans who have died from the disease. Those names include Doug Olsen, Brian Buczak, Jr. Lamar, Dennis Long, Palmer McCarter, Jack Haygood, Robert J. Matheson. Panels feature the iconic yellow stars from Alaska's state flag, along with Alaskan symbols like mountains, Native imagery, the Pipeline, and fur, which are sewn into the various panels. Panels also included personal objects and items from the life remembered such as the ubiquitous insulated Carhartts, photographs, merit badges, and messages from friends and loved ones.

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