National Aids Memorial Home 25 Years Anniversary
Programs and Events
2015 World AIDS Day Events

In observance of World AIDS Day, the National AIDS Memorial Grove held its two annual events that brought together more than 1,300 friends and supporters to celebrate our community’s extraordinary resilience, remember those who have died, honor national leaders and unsung heroes in the fight against AIDS, and award scholarships to future young leaders in the fight against it.

The Grove – A Message of Hope to Future Generations

For the past quarter of a century, the Grove has sought to be a place of not only remembrance and healing, but also of hope. Our community’s response to AIDS has been nothing short of heroic. We created hope where there was only hopelessness. Our responsibility as the nation’s federally-designated memorial to the AIDS epidemic is to build on this thread of hope and weave from it as complete a picture of the community’s response to HIV/AIDS as possible.


Joining Forces ~ Surviving Voices

In 2015, the Grove and HIV Story Project launched a collaboration titled ‘Joining Forces – Surviving Voices’. The purpose of this ongoing collaboration is to capture and curate the vast and diverse voices of the epidemic in its peak years through personal stories told by the survivors; those who managed to live with the disease, and […]


2015 Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship Winners
Pedro Zamora YLSP Logo (FINAL)

The Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship supports the educational pursuits of young people who demonstrate an active commitment to fighting AIDS by taking on roles of public service and leadership


Through the Mist: Concentric Circles
DSC_0845 (1)

We were going to a special place that held time in suspense the National AIDS Memorial Grove to honor those who had fallen to a disease I had once feared as an insidious enemy. There were times even hearing or discussing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome gave me an uneasiness that could still darken my mood with trepidation.