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The mission of the National AIDS Memorial Grove is to provide, in perpetuity, a place of remembrance, so that the lives of people who died from AIDS are not forgotten and the story is known by future generations.

Honor & Remember

Gifts through the Grove Society Planned Giving Program represent a special way to provide long-term support for the National AIDS Memorial Grove. By including the Grove in your will, living trust, retirement plan and life insurance beneficiary designations, or other types of legacy gifts, you help ensure that the Grove will always be here as a place of hope and remembrance beyond your own lifetime. The Grove Society recognizes and honors all individuals who remember the memorial in their wills, trusts or other planned gifts. By joining others who have taken this step, you can take satisfaction from knowing that you are part of an important legacy.


Long after the last life is lost to the epidemic there will be one AIDS organization whose mission will remain constant—the National AIDS Memorial Grove. As a National memorial, our commitment to tell our country’s story cannot be underestimated. As we receive no public monies, it is up to all of us to secure the future of the Grove. In order to safeguard the National AIDS Memorial Grove, we must continue to grow the endowment that has been established to ensure the Memorial will be maintained with ongoing care and maintenance in perpetuity. The endowment will assure the Grove’s existence long after AIDS has taken its last life. It is your support today that will ensure the stories of all lives touched by AIDS are preserved for future generations.

Pay Tribute

The easiest and most common type of planned gift is naming the National AIDS Memorial Grove in your will as a bequest provision. Using this method you may specify an asset, an amount of money, a percentage of your estate, or a variety of other designations. Other types of planned gifts include direct gifts of securities, life insurance policies, IRAs or 401k plans, or real estate that can benefit the Grove and also serve the needs of the giver.

Because there are so many ways to build charitable giving into an estate plan, it is always best to seek professional advice from your lawyer, financial advisor, or a professional estate planner, or we can help direct you to an appropriate professional advisor. To begin any planned gift, think of all the people to whom you are close, as well as organizations such as the Grove that you would like to support, and determine what you would like to provide for each. Then, when you visit a professional estate planner or other advisor, they will help you accomplish your goals by utilizing the best techniques that will help you comply with the law, and provide you with the best tax benefits to meet your needs.

Becoming a member of the Grove Society offers a way for you to achieve your financial and philanthropic objectives while leaving a legacy for the future by ensuring that all lives honored here, in this serene natural setting, will never be forgotten, and the story will be known by future generations.

Many of us have been on the front lines of the epidemic, whether as an AIDS activist, a caretaker, a volunteer or an all-too-close witness to the horrors of the epidemic. When people were first dying and no institution could cope with the fear and enormity of AIDS, it was the San Francisco community that developed the model for care, activism, and AIDS-related solutions. It was out of that same amalgam of emotions—grief, loss, anger, and compassion—that the National AIDS Memorial Grove was born. It is the icon for healing a ravaged community and a beacon for the future.

       — Michael Weiss (Grove Society member)

Estate Planning

The National AIDS Memorial Grove would be pleased to assist you in your estate planning.

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