In-Person and virtual Displays are Back this year for world aids day. MORE THAN 400 SECTIONS ARE ON DISPLAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY.


Share in the Quilt’s powerful stories of activism, love, healing, hope and remembrance and connect the story of HIV/AIDS to the important issues impacting our nation today.

This year on World AIDS Day, the National AIDS Memorial is partnering with Quilt Host organizations from around the country to bring more than 400 sections of the Quilt to communities across the country.


As the largest community arts project in the world, the AIDS Memorial Quilt is a teaching tool to help educate people about the story of AIDS, remember the more than 700,000 U.S. lives lost to disease, and to support local HIV/AIDS service organizations, LGBTQ+ centers, and support awareness about health and social justice issues.

N the time to plan your community displayCostsbegin at $600 per Quilt block, plus shipping and handling fees. The fee structure is detailed in the registration

HERE’S HOW TO APPLY -- Simply follow these steps to host an In-Person Quilt Community Display:

1) learn about Quilt display requirements.
2) complete the registration form and sign-up today.

Please direct any questions you may have to Brian Holman, Display Coordinator, at


Virtual Quilt displays are a popular and easy way for organizations to display the Quilt and use the customized format to share and specially-created web link, narrative and branding on their own websites.

HERE’S HOW TO APPLY -- Simply Follow these steps to host a Virtual Quilt Community Display:

1) learn about OUR VIRTUAL Quilt display BENEFITS.
2) complete the registration form and sign-up today.

Please direct any questions to Brian Holman,Display Coordinator, Brian can help curate the panel selection for your display with Quilt from your community -- or other special requests to help connect your display to your organization.

Today, community displays are more important than ever.

The issues our nation has faced in the past year -- a raging pandemic with hundreds of thousands of lives lost, social injustice, health inequity, stigma, bigotry and fear – are also the issues faced throughout four decades of the AIDS pandemic.

Connecting the quilt to the stories of hiv/aids today

The Quilt is a powerful teaching tool that shares the story of HIV/AIDS -- the 700,000 lives lost in this country alone – and the hope, healing, activism and remembrance that it inspires.

With HIV impacting younger populations and communities of color, particularly in southern states, the Quilt can be used to raise greater awareness about prevention and treatments available.

We hope you will partner with the National AIDS Memorial to bring the Quilt to your community.

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This interactive map shows where displays are currently and where they are scheduled to appear. Sign-up now to be a part of this historic event to use the power and beauty of the Quilt to help our nation heal during these difficult times. If you have questions, contact Brian Holman, Quilt Display Coordinator, at
AIDS Quilt Community Display Program

See the Interactive Map of where Displays are in your Community

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If you have any questions, please email Brian Holman, Display Coordinator

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The first panels of the Quilt were stitched together nearly 35 years ago and now there are more than 50,000 panels with 105,000 names sewn into its fabric. Help preserve and protect this national treasure so each panel is always cared for and the stories are forever told.