Share the Quilt’s powerful stories of activism, love, healing, hope and remembrance and connect the story of HIV/AIDS to the important issues impacting our nation today.

Each year, the National AIDS Memorial partners with community-based organizations across the country to display sections of the Quilt to raise greater awareness about HIV/AIDS impacting people today. Help remember those we’ve lost and raise awareness about the disproportionate impact the epidemic continues to have in communities of color and among marginalized populations. Together, we can end HIV.


As the largest community arts project in the world, the AIDS Memorial Quilt is a teaching tool to help educate people about HIV/AIDS, its continued impact today, and to remember the 700,000 U.S. lives lost in the four decades since the first cases were reported. Quilt displays help support local HIV/AIDS service organizations, LGBTQ+ centers, and raise awareness about the issues of health and social justice.

Now is the time to plan your community display. Costs to host a section of the Quilt in your community begins at $600 and up depending on the number of blocks being displayed, plus shipping and handling fees. The fee structure is detailed in the registration.

HERE’S HOW TO APPLY -- Simply follow these steps to host an In-Person Quilt Community Display:

1) learn about Quilt display requirements.
2) complete the registration form and sign-up today.

Today, community displays are more important than ever.

Four decades into the epidemic, HIV continues to have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and marginalized populations, particularly in the Southern United States.  We hope you will partner with the National AIDS Memorial to bring the Quilt to your community.

AIDS Quilt Community Display Program

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If you have any questions, please email Brian Holman, Display Coordinator

In appreciation to our Quilt partners:
Please reach out to Oscar Fabian to learn about Quilt Display Sponsorship Opportunities.
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Our work helps ensure the care and conservation of the Quilt.

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The first panels of the Quilt were stitched together nearly 35 years ago and now there are more than 50,000 panels with 105,000 names sewn into its fabric. Help preserve and protect this national treasure so each panel is always cared for and the stories are forever told.