Overcoming Hardships and Finding Community at AIDS Walk SF

While AIDS Walk San Francisco is a 5-kilometer walk, it does not end at the finish line. 

Since 1987, AWSF has fostered lifelong communities and life-saving support for people impacted by HIV/AIDS. Troy Brunet is one of the individuals who embody the strong, resilient community we strive to create through Team Memorial

Overcoming hardships to make a difference

Troy has endured six hip replacements, surgeries to both knees, replacements to both shoulders, and a multi-month coma while living with HIV. Despite these ailments, Troy continues to join Team Memorial at the annual AIDS Walk San Francisco.

What inspires Troy to do a five-kilometer walk every year? “I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve gone through,” Troy explains. Growing up a gay man in Louisiana and living with HIV since 1994, Troy is no stranger to hardship.

Troy has worked with organizations across the country, such as volunteering with the AIDS Memorial Quilt in Alaska, to strive for a future where people don’t have to go through the physical and mental hardships he has endured. “I would rather be up doing something and helping someone than sitting down and relaxing.”

Finding community while fighting for change

At AWSF, Troy joins a Team Memorial community with similar values and the same mission as him. “It’s awesome to walk with so many great people,” Troy says. While their reasons for walking are often heartbreaking and personal, the team strives to forge bonds and enjoy the annual experience. “You’ve gotta find joy in everything you do,” Troy believes.

By walking at AWSF, Troy supports organizations making a difference in the fight against AIDS. Since 1987, AWSF has raised $96 million for organizations across seven Bay Area counties. “I want them to get the money they need to make that happen,” Troy explains about the fight to end the decades-long AIDS crisis.

How you can join the fight against AIDS

“I try to accomplish something every day,” Troy says. On Sunday, July 21st, you have an opportunity to accomplish something with him.

“You want to have some fun and support a good cause?” Join Troy and Team Memorial at AIDS Walk San Francisco to take action. Donate and sign up as an in-person or remote walker today: https://sf.aidswalk.net/NationalAIDSMemorial 

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